First, the termof the agreement are defined:

(1) of this Agreement, the following definitions are explained as follows:

1.1 "You" or "Party" is the meaning of "you" oryou represent a company or body. "PPT STORE website" or "PPTSTORE" is the meaning of Beijing in Magic Imagination Technology Co., Ltd.

1.2 "works" refers to the "PPT STORE website website users todownload the design source files, PPT template, PPT material, digital creativeworks, vector works, books and papers, software source code

1.3 "copy" refers to use any media in any form, some or all of thecopy "PPT STORE website's copyright material products, including copyrightmaterial derived any derivative works or modified products.


Second, the work authorization:

PPT STORE, Web site sold works are royalty-free class (RF: Royalty-free) work,genuine work of the PPT STORE, website is protected by the Copyright Law of thePeople's Republic of China and the Universal Copyright Convention, theownership of copyright and the copyright of the works , Party purchased theright to use of the work.

Definition: RF (Royalty-Free) royalty-free mode, also known as the Free versionof taxes copyright mode

Defined as the RF mode works, the use of authorized users to obtain thecharacteristics of the non-exclusive authorized to use. Users to buy thelicense, the use of the work from the frequency of use, time, space, and userestrictions. RF product license price depends largely on the size of the work,rather than a particular purpose. Once the user to buy the RF image products,multiple time used for multiple purposes, rather than pay any additional costs (ofcourse, illegal purposes are prohibited). RF image products only to buythemselves use, and may not be transferred or resold and can not be buy-out ofan exclusive right to use.

RF is divided into: standard RF authorization and extended RF license.

The Standard RF License: standard RF licensing model works, users get thelicense authorizing the use of non-exclusive characteristics. Users to buy thelicense, the use of the work from the frequency of use, time, space, and userestrictions. Print run of up to 100,000 copies, more than 100,000 copies, needto buy extended RF authorization.

The standard royalty-free license agreement (Standard-RF:Standard-Royalty-free) to authorize the work. Range:

1) Advertising or promotional literature

2) electronic network publications (web, e-books, electronic magazines)

3) press and publications

4) types of documents (brochures, presentation files, etc.)

5) The product packaging and designs

6) film and television, animation, online video

7) exhibition terminal and material

8) printed or electronic use of personal non-commercial purposes, such asprivate envelopes and letterheads, business cards, greeting cards, mobile phoneworks, screensaver works

The standard license agreement works to limit the scope of use:

The maximum print volume of the authorized works) standard RF in print for 100000 (Zhang, copies, etc.). If more than 100,000 the number of the need topurchase extended license agreement "printed an unlimited number ofauthorized

2) Standard RF copyrighted works can not be used in the transfer of sales(sales), electronic photo album templates, web design templates, electronicgreeting cards, PowerPoint presentations and other transfer sales (sales)electronic template. If you want the utility in turn sell electronic template,you will need to purchase extended license agreement "works resale License

3) Standard RF copyrighted works can not be printed on the sale of products orgift: including but not limited to in India T-shirts, postcards, greetingcards, cups, mouse, posters, calendars, or print framed works on flat printed.If you want printed on the sale of products or gift, you need to purchaseextended license agreement in the printing and sale of product licenses

4) Standard RF works authorized derivative works, or derivative works from theexercise of copyright, shall not infringe the copyright of the original authorof the work.

5) download copyright in works belonging to the original author, the Partyworks to make technical changes, modification or use a part of, "but shallnot infringe the original author's copyright".

6) No work for the PPT STORE, and STORE, the PPT for commercial competition.Not to make their own user name and password to others.

7) the use of the download works only in the range of two to choose a companyfor internal use or authorize the use to a final customer. If the non-use ofthe work of the authorized users, authorized to be purchased separately.

8) in the press works, works next to need a signed