Welcome to the PPT STORE, Website Services Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the"Agreement"). This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditionsapply to your use of the the PPT STORE, Web site (covering the domain name:pptstore.net, the same below), share trading and online communication tools andservices provided by the global digital works (here inafter referred to as"the PPT STORE Site Services ").


I. Acceptance of Terms

The ownership and operation of the various services provided by the PPT STORE,site owned by Beijing in the Magic Imagination Technology Co., Ltd., before youaccept and use the PPT STORE website services, please be sure to fully read,understand and accept the Terms of Service. You visit the the PPT STORE, Website behavior and to PPT STORE, site behavior through various ways, will bedeemed approved without objection the entire contents of this clause.


Second, the revised Terms of Service and service changes

Beijing in Magic Imagination Technology Co., Ltd. has the right to modify theTerms of Service when necessary, PPT STORE, Website terms of service in case ofchanges, you will be prompted changes in the important pages. If you do notagree with the changes, you must take the initiative to stop using PPT STORE,website services. If you continue to enjoy the PPT STORE, site services, shallbe deemed to accept the terms of service changes, when a dispute STORE, withthe PPT website, should be subject to the Terms of Service. PPT STORE, Websitereserves the right to at any time to modify or discontinue the service withouthaving to separately notify the user. PPT STORE, web site exercising the rightto modify or discontinue the Service, without the user or third party.


Third, the user registration information

If you are registered in the PPT STORE, site, you agree to:

1, according to the "PPT STORE website services, the Member InformationForm provided on this website requirements, to provide true, accurate, completeand reflect the current situation information.

2, to update the real registration information.

Your data is in the process of registration, transaction or list items in anypublic forum or through any e-mail to this site or other users provide anyinformation, including data, text, software, music, sound, photographs ,pictures, images, words, or other materials. You are responsible for your datato take full responsibility for the site only as a passive conduit for onlinepublishing and publication of your information. However, if the Company considersthat your information may enable the Company assumes no legal or moralresponsibility, or potential damage to the legitimate rights and interests ofthe site (in whole or in part), or you do not login within the time limitprescribed by the PPT STORE, Website or re-visit the PPT STORE, site may at itssole discretion to take your information to this site that any action necessaryor appropriate, including but not limited to delete such information. Youhereby warrant that you own all rights, be submitted to the site of the PPTSTORE, your data, including all copyrights. You acknowledge that the the PPTSTORE, website no responsibility to identify or decision you submit informationto the Company which should be protected, and use your information for otherusers to enjoy the "PPT STORE website services, the Company is notresponsible.


The user's account, password and security

Once you have successfully registered as legitimate users of the site of thePPT STORE, will receive a password and user name. You must take fullresponsibility for your user name and password security. At the same time, youwant to take full responsibility for all activities and events for their username. You can change the account password, you can also apply for a new account,but can not be asked to delete the old account. You acknowledge that agreed tofind any illegal use of user accounts or exploit the situation, immediatelynotice the PPT STORE, web site. You need to commit to follow the followingprovisions apply for an account:

Registration and use of a user name and nickname in English must comply withrelevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, respect forthe network morality.

2, the user name and the English nickname may not contain any threats,threatening, abusive, vulgar, profane, pornographic, obscene, illegal,inconsistent, offensive, harmful, harassing, defamatory, abusive sexual orinfringement of intellectual property rights of others the text.

3, the user successfully registered, you must protect your account andpassword, and to guard against theft or disclosure.

You may not be used in any manner theft, impersonation user name, their actionsresult in harsh consequences.

The user name you used in the PPT STORE, site registration required to complywith any act in the PPT STORE, website the PPT STORE, site of the Terms ofService.

Account of the following circumstances lead to information disclosure, PPT,STORE website Disclaimer:

Government departments, the judiciary and other requirements in accordance withthe statutory procedures PPT STORE, website disclosure of personal information,PPT, STORE website will be based on the requirements of the law enforcementagencies or for the purpose of public safety to provide personal information;

Personal password to others or share your account with others, which led to thedisclosure of personal information;

Any computer problems, hacker attacks, computer viruses or attacks because ofgovernment regulation caused the temporary closure of the network to normaloperation on the effects of force majeure caused by leakage of personal data,lost, stolen or tampered with;

As other sites link to the PPT STORE, site of the leakage of personal data;


V. Copyright and Intellectual Property

PPT STORE, site with full respect for the original author's copyright andintellectual property. PPT STORE, site reasonably relied on by customers uploadoriginal works, the uploader is the original author or have the consent of thecopyright owner's consent and properly handle related issues with the copyrightholder. The PPT STORE, site is a reasonable behavior for the sale and purchaseof original digital works and the use of related intellectual property disputesPPT STORE, website assumes no responsibility. PPT STORE, site solemnly remindyou: the reprinting of digital works or use must comply with the relevantintellectual property rights, otherwise relating to intellectual propertydisputes PPT STORE website Disclaimer.

At the same time, the the PPT STORE, web site of original digital works as wellas the PPT STORE, site identity, PPT, STORE website enjoy independentintellectual property rights. PPT STORE, site violations of intellectualproperty rights, the the PPT STORE, Website reserves the right to pursue theirlegal obligations.

PPT STORE, site definition of broadband network services include: the entirecontents of the text, software, sound, pictures, video, graphics, a variety oftangible products, advertising; the entire contents of the e-mail; the PPTSTORE, web site to provide users with information . All of these content areprotected by copyrights, trademarks, labels and other property ownership laws.So, you can only under the authorization of the owners, and advertisers of thethe PPT STORE, website, information and products in order to use the content,but not unauthorized reproduction, recycled, download the dissemination ofthese materials, or the creation of content-related derivative products. PPTSTORE, site works belongs to the original author and PPT STORE, site to allanyone needs to reproduced PPT STORE, site services, must seek the originalauthor or PPT STORE, site license.


Refused to provide guarantees

The user's personal use of network services, risk, the PPT STORE, site of thisdoes not make any type of guarantee, whether explicit or implied. But notcommercial implied warranties, specific purpose and not violate the provisionsof the appropriate security restrictions. PPT STORE, website does not warrantthat the services must be able to meet user requirements, nor the securityservices will not be interrupted, the timeliness of service, security, mistakesdo not occur as a guarantee. PPT STORE, Web site of any service or transactionprocess in the PPT STORE, website does not warrant.

PPT STORE, website only as users of digital works and services transactions,consultation, and access to a wide range of transaction-related servicesplatform. However, the truth or accuracy of the quality of work, safety orlegality of this site can not control involved in the transaction, thetransaction information, as well as the ability of counterparties to fulfillthe obligations in the transactions under the agreement. This site can not anddo not control the parties to the transaction ability to fulfill theiragreement obligations.


, Advertising and outside the station link

PPT STORE, site or other users of the site may provide links to other websitesor resources. Since PPT STORE, website does not control these sites andresources, you should acknowledge and agree that, the PPT STORE, web site isnot the responsible for the availability of substandard sites or resources, anddoes not recognize such sites or resources, or available from such web sites oraccess to resources, advocacy, works, services or other materials, nor itsresponsibility towards or accept any responsibility. PPT STORE, site shall notbe liable for any such content obtained due to the use of or reliance on suchsites or resources, advocacy, works, services or other materials (or claimed toresult in) any direct or indirect loss.


Eight, the user information storage and restrictions

You should agree that the, PPT STORE, site users not to release information,delete or save responsible for the failure. PPT STORE, Web site user behaviorto determine compliance with the rights of the PPT STORE, Website terms ofservice requirements, if you fail to comply with the provisions of the Terms ofService, the PPT STORE, the site has the right to interrupt you provide networkservices.


9, user management

Once registered as a PPT STORE, website user, you must bear sole responsibilityfor the contents in the PPT STORE, site. You use PPT STORE website service inaccordance with all applicable PPT STORE, site of national laws, local laws andinternational legal standards. You must follow:

1, to transmit technical information from the territory of China must complywith relevant laws and regulations of China.

2, the use of network services for illegal purposes.

3, does not interfere with or confusion network services.

To comply with all network services using the network protocol, regulations,procedures and practices.

5, PPT, STORE website the right at any time for any reason and without priorwarning or prompting, cancel, refuse or remove any information (including theuser's account), and can at any time restrictions, a temporary freeze ortermination of your continued use of the network services provided by the PPTSTORE, website. You have to promise not to transmit any unlawful, harassing,libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, and otherinformation. Alternatively, you can not transfer any abetting acts constitute acrime data; not transfer to encourage domestic unfavorable conditions andinvolve national security information; not transfer any non-compliance withlocal regulations, national laws and international legal information.Unauthorized and illegal access to other computer systems are prohibited. Ifyour behavior does not meet the terms of the services mentioned above, the thePPT STORE, Web site will make an independent judgment to immediately abolishuser services account. You must own online behavior bear the legalresponsibility. Users on the website of the PPT STORE, if the spread and disseminatereactionary, pornographic or other violation of state law STORE, site of thePPT system may be recorded as evidence of users who violate the law.


Ten, to protect

You agree to protect and safeguard the interests of all members of the PPTSTORE, website, responsible for the payment because you use beyond the scope ofservices due to legal costs, as well as the related compensation for the damagefor breach of the Terms of Service.


XI, end of service

User or the PPT STORE, sites can be interrupted at any time based on the actualsituation of one or more network services. The PPT STORE, web site at any timewithout any third party individual or interrupt service. If you modify theterms of the later objection, or dissatisfied with the service of the PPTSTORE, site, you can exercise the following rights:

1, stop the use of the PPT STORE, site network services.

2, notice the PPT STORE, the site to stop the service to users.

End user services, the right to immediately terminate, you can use networkservices. Since that time, you do not have the right to PPT STORE, site noobligation to send any pending or completed information services to you orthird parties.


XII notice

All notices can be sent to the user through an important page notice or e-mailor regular mail delivery. Terms of service changes, service changes, or otherimportant events notices will be conducted.


XIII , the legal and Declarations

Network Terms of Service are consistent with the interpretation of the law ofthe People's Republic of China, and PPT STORE, site agree to obey the HighCourt jurisdiction. In the event the PPT STORE, Website terms of serviceconflict with the law of the People's Republic of China, these provisions willbe required by law to re-explain, while other provisions are still maintain theuser to produce legal effects and impact. This clause to make, modify, update,and final interpretation are Beijing in magic creators want TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.